Stored Product Entomology

May 16, 2016



    Design and development of mechanical devices for the management of various stages of both external and internal feeders of stored grains

  • Design and development of Insecticide Resistance Management strategies for Indian grain storage warehouses

  • Studies on modified atmospheric storage for insect-free seed and grain storage and to develop suitable containers for CO2 fumigation and storage of grains

  • Standardize the dose and time of exposure of CO2 and N2 needed for storage pest management

  • Development of sustainable methods of storage pest management

Development of activated clay for protection of farm produce from storage pests is one of the achievements in this area. Besides, the usefulness of vegetable oils in protecting the grains from pest infestation has been demonstrated. Research is being done on the design and development of various gadgets and bins which can reduce the field carryover and cross infestation of stored product insects without use of chemical pesticides.

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